What Is a Flash MX Component?
Subject:   NO ... I don't use them
Date:   2003-02-09 03:42:28
From:   anonymous2
I'm speaking from a coder point of view, and here all the things that I dislike in components:

- Macromedia doesn't provide any guideline, standards, rules or internal documentation of their components.

- I didn't like smartclips in flash5 too, and I'm happy not to have waisted my time to use or build them, because now they are obsolete, detroned by flashMX components, is it gonna be the same things with components when flash 7 will go out and promote a new way of doing things ?

- the way components work and how they are structured, sorry but that's bad coding practice ...

I will not be a dummy programmer following blindly Macromedia components bad OO coding style.

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