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Subject:   different UIDs for the same user name
Date:   2003-02-10 16:38:26
From:   robleach
Response to: different UIDs for the same user name

I have a somewhat similar issue. My computer's on a network. When I set up my account, I naively used the same username as I'm known on the network. I'm trying to figure out how to resolve this and I'm wondering if I can just create a new user with the same name but different uid. However, I have another problem. I can't figure out how to permanently mount the network disk that has my home directory. I tried creating an fstab file and entering the disk, but it appears to not do anything when I restart. I have a mount command in my .login file, but it seems to not always succeed and for various reasons during the week, I'll lose the mount, like when the remote machine reboots or there's some other network interruption. In the meantime, can I just create another user with the same username? The account is a generic unix account. Are there any hoops I have to jump through to make it work with my mac?