Learning the Mac OS X Terminal: Part 1
Subject:   problems with sudo????
Date:   2003-02-13 04:45:58
From:   anonymous2
Response to: problems with sudo????

You've probably solved this problem by now but for those that have not after coming across this page via googling uis 501 should be 0, this is how I fixed it.
Hopefully you have administrative priveliges on your machine, and found the apple developement site not very useful in your plight, open your applications folder, then utilities, open Netinfo manager, click the little lock on the bottom, enter password, click user, then root. click the security tab at the top of your screen, to enable root user, since os x.2 ships with root login disabled you can set the password there. Now log out then log in as root, supply the password you just created. Open a terminal, you know where it is since you used it to hose your sudoers file in the first place. pico /etc/sudoers clear the file then ctrl o the ctrl x the hell out of there. you need to 'chown root /etc/sudoers' then 'chgrp wheel /etc/sudoers. that should fix it. Now go back after you log in under your user name and set the netinfo manager back to disable root login, you don't deserve it.