Developing Visualization Applications with Cocoa and VTK
Subject:   Anyone get this to build?
Date:   2003-02-14 00:23:28
From:   drewmccormack
Response to: Anyone get this to build?

Hi guys,

It is true that VTK is not always easy to get to build. I had hoped my instructions would produce a working copy for most, even if not completely up-to-date.

Did you checkout the version of VTK from CVS for the date I gave (in September, 2002, I think it was).

Another thing you might try is simply turning the OFF testing and examples:


Remember to run cmake a few times whenever you change something in the cache file.

Do a search of the Cache file for the work "Carbon". The carbon library should not be linked anywhere, otherwise something has gone wrong.

I also suggest you not try to turn on wrapping for another language like Java or Tcl. This can also lead to trouble.

I had trouble compiling VTK in the beginning too. What I found was, if things went wrong, you should delete everything in your build directory EXCEPT your CMakeCache.txt file, and run cmake again. I don't know why, but sometimes things go wrong in that build directory, and deleting everything except the cache file seems to help.

And if this is all too hard, go to and let Yves Starreveld know you are interested in a VTK framework. He was thinking about making one, and if he knew people were interested, he may take the last step ;-)

Hope this helps,

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