XP on the PowerPC
Subject:   XP on OSX
Date:   2003-02-14 20:25:12
A useful article. One thing that could have been mentioned is the poor documentation provided by both Connectix and MS - I ran away screaming from DOS in '84, and later looking at the Wintel set-up did the same again 10 years after, therefore I was not an experienced Wintel user when I set up VPC/XP Home on an iBook. I had decided not to create the VPC on my TiPb or G4 desktop as I use these machines for making money and didn't want to upset them. A good thing I did because I ended up after the installation of the new software, and a subsequent re-start with a frozen, unusable VPC on the iBook. Trying to uninstall didn't work, so I ended up having to re-format the iBook's HD and re-installing everything from scratch. Fortunately the only software on the machine was Omniweb and there were no documents to lose.

Cause of the problem - a missing FAT32 system file!

At least the whole experience had the benefit of confirming my long held belief that people who use Wintel by choice are either #*#*#*#*#*#*#* (unprintable) or are heavily into S&M