Weblog:   The Human Face of Microsoft
Subject:   What's the point?
Date:   2003-02-15 09:12:37
From:   anonymous2
So, what is the point of this article? Yes, there may very well be real human beings with a sense of honor and ethics buried deep in Microsoft. But, as the article points out, they are NOT visible to the public. It also would seem that they have no influence on the policies and decisions of the company. And those policies and decisions have damned near devastated the computing industry in the last seven years.

Perhaps if they were truely honorable, they would follow Stutz out rather than to continue to hand tools to the likes of Gates and Ballmer.

Microsoft has not been domonized because of the personalities of all it's employees, but because of the behavior of the company in the market place and the behavior of it's leaders.