Weblog:   The Human Face of Microsoft
Subject:   Why do you want to present Microsoft's "human" face?
Date:   2003-02-15 11:17:32
From:   GerardM
I do understand that because of your involvement with PERSONS at Microsoft, people who you like, appreciate even admire, you call it on yourself to show this good side of Microsoft.

What puzzles me is that the company that is universally thought to be the company that is great in marketing actually NEEDS that. I do agree that Microsoft needs to be seen as more human closer to people.

For me, a company that requires these big profit margins in a world where the cost of a full Microsoft Office and OS can often be appreciated in terms of a monthly salary or more PER SYSTEM, is a company that I can only hope to fail in its present form.

What is Microsoft going to give to the world in the coming time, will it be worth it? Is it going to be available only to some?

Is it reasonable that in a western world you get the software gestapo at your door while in countries like India, China it is considered to be waiting for the harvest?

Tim, there are good people working for Microsoft. They are not the company they work for. When these people produce something worthwhile, how is this going to benefit us all? Certainly when you consider that the copyright thingie is to be taken up a notch and some according to the news round .Net and Mono ??