Creating a Web Application with Ant and Tomcat 4
Subject:   Decent intro article, but mention the alternatives
Date:   2003-02-15 13:39:47
From:   anonymous2
Great job on the article, particularly the use of Ant. It's also nice to hear of someone deploying on BSD-derived Mac OS X! :-)

Another poster already mentioned the use of Tomcat's native database connection pooling, so I will not beat that dead horse.

The other thing this author should have mentioned is that a lot of the "plumbing" that he designed into this application is already implemented in some of the off-the-shelf frameworks. If all you are doing is building a database driven web application, you really need to investigate a framework (e.g. Apache Struts) for ensuring the long-term maintainability of your app and for saving time not re-inventing the wheel with each piece of funtionality. A framework really lets you focus on your business logic, and not Java syntax and deployment issues.

All in all, great job with the article.

Chris Thompson