Shared Source vs. Open Source: Panel Discussion
Subject:   Same old Microsoft
Date:   2003-02-17 07:50:48
From:   anonymous2
I found Craig to be particularly laughable. His contention that Microsoft tries to be a good corporate citizen flies in the face of there entire history.

The idea that Microsoft wants a 'healthy ecosystem' but also must press for double digit growth and the ever enlargin Microsoft bottom line at all costs reveals the truth.

The question put to Craig about good VS bad software patents and the DMCA really illustrates the overriding philosophy at MS: 'ethics be damned, whatever we can get away with to put money in our pockets'

The idea that MS is holding up IP as somehow sacred and yet the GPL is unamerican/cancer is stupid. As Michael pointed out the Microsoft licenses all have 'derived works' clauses and are many times more restrictive than the GPL.

Look at how they see themselves VS Apple when they duplicated all of Apple's IP and now are insisting that people license a patent on software API's !!! Incredibly hypocritical.

Craig really came off as hostile and hypocritical in my opinion. David Stutz seems to be trying to inject some ethics and good common sense in Microsoft, but it appears to little to late. Just wait when Microsoft really starts feeling the penny pinch from Open Source ... from Craigs comments it seems evident they'll bring all these ridiculous software patents to bear...