Installing Tomcat on Mac OS X
Subject:   localhost vs
Date:   2003-02-17 10:23:50
From:   anonymous2
hi, sorry for the anon post here but i can't remember my password :-) I'll try to answer your questions.

firstly are you on a network? if not then localhost won't resolve to anything. also i note you used Localhost - should be localhost. lowercase 'l'.

next what you got when you go to was correct, my article specified sun's web services kit's build of tomcat cos that's what i was using at the time. in theory the same proceedure will work with any version of tomcat, but you'll need to edit the $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/tomcat-users.xml file to put in your own roles and users.

also I note you claim to have done all this logged in as root! that's not such a good idea. you should just be logged in as yourself.

the easy way to do all this now (it is almost a year since i wrote that article) is to use Aaron farby's prepackaged installers at