Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
Subject:   Manual whitebalance on color cards & natural elements
Date:   2003-02-18 13:35:18
From:   anonymous2
You can print, buy or in another way get hold of some colored cards, preferably light tones, but hard dark ones can create some interesting effects too.
To warm up your picture a bit, set the whitebalance on light blue. To make it redhot, use dark blue.
For black and white to increase contrast? Set it on orange or yellow.
These are only some examples.

I've got a map of colors in my bag, used by professional painters to show colors or to check colors. There are similar things for roof panels and such.

You can also use objects in the shooting environment. People's shirts, curtains, grass etc.

Of course it can all be done with spot editing, but it is often useful to be able to check the effect on the spot.


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