Securing Your TiBook (or Any Other Mac OS X Machine)
Subject:   Encrypted Disks
Date:   2003-02-18 23:06:25
From:   acdha
I personally don't care about boot passwords. They're not reliable and are largely a waste of time - if someone has physical access, they can pull the disk and do what they feel with it.

In my case, it won't matter because the two things I care about are my keychain (which is never stored unencrypted) and my documents, which are stored on an AES-128 encrypted disk image:

I have my keychain set to close when the laptop goes to sleep and I have fairly tight sleep timing and a passworded screen saver. I might have to explain why my software registration codes got published on eDonkey but otherwise my only concern will be the insurance claim.

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  1. Encrypted Disks
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