The DigiCam Chronicles: Assignment Macworld
Subject:   Good article...but, I am confused..
Date:   2003-02-20 22:44:44
From:   anonymous2
on the detail that you have disclosed. I recently bought a S200, so I started reading article online. I am just a beginner, so maybe that's why I am confused on all the terms that were being used in your article. For example, when you say "automatically programmed by the camera", do you mean that you just point and shoot and let the camera take over?

From my camera, I can only find exposure control in manual mode from -2 to +2, long shutter control from 1 sec to 15 sec. So, I am confused when you said the camera set the exposure to 1/20th sec, how does the camera set that? Does exposure equal to shutter speed, if yes, how did you get less than 1 sec from S200? Also, what are the f-2.8, f-3.5 and so mean? How do I set those?

Your article and the photos are very impressive, and they made me wanting to learn how to take digital photos other than let the camera do the whole thing. However, it would be nice if I could get some explanations from you on those terms and usages. I am already buying one of the book...just can't wait to ask the questions first. :)