A Roadmap to the Recently Released Windows APIs
Subject:   My Opinion
Date:   2003-02-23 14:18:20
From:   anonymous2
Since my name (Henk Devos) is mentioned in the article, i think i should give my opinion on the settlement interfaces.
Unfortunately, this whole affair was only a media (and of course lawyers) stunt, aimed at people who do not understand what it is about. For the developer, this didn't bring much good.
Now after some time we can notice that some people are indeed using some of the newly documented API's. There is, for example, the CDefFolderMenu_Create2 function of which to my knowledge complete nobody knew before how to use it. So some people have indeed given it a go, and what did you guess? The documentation was insufficient to be useful, they have to find some undocumented messages first before they could get it to work.
There are certainly some people at Microsoft who are doing everything they can to help out, and maybe this is the best news for the developers: Microsoft has an increased accessibility now, you can actually ask certain people a question and they will answer.
But the docs were mostly written by people who didn't really know exactly what they were talking about. I think they had to reverse engineer the code to see what it was doing. The result was many documentation errors (when Microsoft is told about them, they fix them soon), big gaps, still important stuff that is missing, wrong information about which Wiondows version the API's work in (because it would be too hardd to reverse-engineer all windows functions and see if they are the same), and so on.
In the end, the developer who wants to use any of this stuff needs more than the documentation that was provided by microsoft, and thus still has to go back to the old "undocumented windows" sources.
Despite the hard work of certain Microsoft individuals, the whole effort has been useless because of wrong priorities way over their head.