Creating a Web Application with Ant and Tomcat 4
Subject:   Wonderful article, but need some help.
Date:   2003-02-24 02:35:59
From:   anonymous2

I am using jakarta-ant-1.5.1, jakarta-tomcat-4.0.6-LE-jdk14.

In the article its mentioned that we need to copy catalina-ant.jar file from Tomcat's server/lib directory into Ant's lib directory. There was no catalina-ant.jar but catalina.jar. So I copied catalina.jar into Ant's lib directory.

After doing other steps, when I tried "ant install" to install the web app, it failed saying
"file:C:/AddressBook/build.xml:6: taskdef class org.apache.catalina.DeployTask cannot be found"

I guess problem is it is not able to find necessary classes to go further. Two questions -

1. Is catalina.jar is the right file to copy in Ant's lin folder ?
2. Or this problem has something other then catalina-ant.jar file problem?

I am giving proper path in file for tomcat's home.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is first time I am trying web app with Tomcat and this is like a stopping point for me.

Thanks in advance !

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