Securing Your TiBook (or Any Other Mac OS X Machine)
Subject:   Incorrect OS 9 security statement & OS Security Ramblings
Date:   2003-02-24 10:35:39
From:   anonymous2
Though the operating system services available in OS X are vastly superior to the services offered in OS 9, it is not only arguable but consistently proven that OS 9 is a very secure platform.

For many serving scenarios, a pre-OS X Mac may be one of the most secure installations available with a wide variety of IP serving software available. There have been contests with $10k in prize money offered to hack a Mac server running the classic operating system, with no winners. In the case where a hack was successfully applied it was due to combined faults in third-party software - not fault of the OS, itself.

Regardless, thank you for writing this article. It answers a lot of my questions as to what should be done to properly secure OS X and I'm sure is of great value to the community as a whole.

In case you're wondering, I still operate some servers on OS 9 machines because of their inherent security features. I use OS X as my primary workstation these days, and am diggin' it - a great OS for computer geeks like myself. But what about the rest of the world? My mom shouldn't have to think about security when she plugs her Mac onto the network. Neither should yours. (-;

- Nathan