Cory Doctorow's Bitchun' World: P2P Gone Wild
Subject:   Is d--cks too risque for O'Reilly? :)
Date:   2003-02-28 12:24:35
From:   ndwoods
Seriously, thanks Cory for a really fun read -- as much as anything, the book is a fun dinnertime conversation about where the technologies that we love might take us. Also thanks for sticking up for the creative things that come out of The Mouse. Nothing -- no person and no company -- is all good or all bad, and your affection for little details (like the descent from the attic to the graveyard in the Haunted Mansion) comes through -- and strikes a chord among others who appreciate the Imagineers' loving hand there. Great line about loving the sin and hating the sinner. I can only hope the story spawns prequels, sequels and side stories written cooperatively online; bring on DownandOutopia. -- Dave

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