PHP 4.3 and Mac OS X
Subject:   CURL version stops install
Date:   2003-02-28 19:29:40
From:   tychay
Response to: CURL version stops installl

You could try installing over Apple's curl binaries (this is what I do). I gave instructions in a post below.

The line:
checking for CURL in default path... found in /usr
occurs when the ./configure has "--with-curl" or "--with-curl=shared" (latter is unsported on Mac OS X). instead of "--with-curl=/sw". Thus, that line should not be output if youy have "--with-curl=/sw".

is only for targeting the make install. It shouldn't affect the configure

The version of curl I install against is 7.10.3 from fink. I am using "curl-ssl", "curl-ssl-dev", and "curl-ssl-shlibs" packages. You definitely need either the "curl-dev" or "curl-ssl-dev", and the library is in "curl-shlibs" or "curl-ssl-shlibs" so you'll need that too. I don't think the "curl" or "curl-ssl" is needed, but it doesn't hurt to have it also.

Unfortunately, I also smash Apple's installation of curl on my machines with my own, so I can't be 100% sure that PHP isn't accidentally linking against that.

I hope this helps,

terry chay
tychay at php dot net