Weblog:   The Human Face of Microsoft
Subject:   MS developers are just troops
Date:   2003-03-01 11:48:53
From:   timoreilly
Response to: MS developers are just troops

I don't know Bill G or Ballmer, but I do know some folks pretty high up in the organization (Jim Allchin, Eric Rudder), and while they are fierce competitors, I don't think that they are the demons that opponents like to portray them as. They are really wrestling with a hard problem -- how to be better corporate citizens, how to get better at listening to and serving customers, while also growing a business that has historically been so successful that any slowing will be punished by the market as failure. I think they can make the transition, as IBM did, and I think they want to make that transition. Simply demonizing them will just harden their positions. We have to help them find a way forward to a slightly more cooperative model.