Designing a Great UI the Aqua Way
Subject:   Alternative Dock Design for Example
Date:   2003-03-04 11:02:37
From:   anonymous2
For those who want their daily os x desktop meditation be peaceful and productive: The dock goes down to the right corner of the desktop, for the trashcan to stand still. Dock improvements which try to go further, either are nagware or cheap skin or missing the point, or not sympathic to pay.

The dock-peace that many professional users are longing for, would require a division of dock functions into two or three dock frames.
1. One frame for stable icons only: finder-icon, residing applications and folders, trash. One might place it down at left corner of the desktop. Fill a row of folders into, which then open in hierarchical menus. We can navigate now from the left to the right, all over the screen, through the whole system, more flexible than in the old apple menu and its substitutes. Maybe not compliant with apples human interface guidelines, but very effective for visually oriented webdevelopers and designers. Test it with the present apple-dock: You see on the long run, the only fuss of the present dock are icons moving and a trashcan wandering.
2. One dock or frame holding active applications for switching only.
3. One dock or frame holding zipped windows only.

All frames placeable where it pleases, growth direction automated like in the original, on touch frames snapping together, all with choice for transparency.

Whether apple allows multiple original docks and a divison of functions of the original dock? If not, we need a killerdock app, comparable elegant, at minimum allowing to take either the fixed or the unstable items out of the original. If apple policy forces to build an app with two or multiple docks, one will find out, how to switch the original off.

If not possible as a freeware or open source project, i suppose, many would be happy to pay for a reliable, elegant and uncluttered shareware solution.