Homemade Dot Mac: Home Web Radio
Subject:   Great Information!
Date:   2003-03-09 10:14:23
From:   anonymous2
I've been planning on eventually streaming my MP3 collection for my personal use every since I heard about the MP3 streaming mod for Apache. (I have previously used Shoutcast on an old wintel box to eventually do the same thing - But that took a lot longer for me to figure out.)

While I don't fear the command line, I don't prefer it. I had previously looked into QTSS, but it looked like it was for OSX server only. I noticed the Darwin Streaming Server, but I expected that to be a command line tool, so I left it alone. After reading your article, I decided to give the Darwin Server a try (Since there was no link for QTSS - A note on the site said to DL it through Server 10.2.4).

Short Story, My server is now up and running well. Total Time from finding the article to finish = 2 Hrs, having had to troubleshoot a bandwidth error. My lesson, don't set Max # Connected to 1 - It won't let anyone connect. It seems max # users allows n-1 people to connect.