Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 2
Subject:   3-3-03 Security Upadate & Sendmail
Date:   2003-03-10 12:02:12
From:   chris_stone
Please read this if sendmail has stopped working after applying the 3-3-03 security update:

The update renames the current file to and then installs a new, which is no different than your previous unedited So, you could either edit the new file again, or replace it back with the backed up file. This would do it:

#First, back up the new default file:

sudo mv

#Then rename your previous file to put it back in place:

sudo mv

#And restart sendmail:

sudo /System/Library/StartupItems/Sendmail/Sendmail restart

Or, if you chose the chmod method of handling sendmail's security requirement, you'll need to make / non group-writable again:

sudo chmod g-w /

Again, these "fixes" apply to getting sendmail working for the purposes of the tutorial, but not necessarily in a full, working mail server environment.


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