Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution
Subject:   peer to peer file sharing
Date:   2003-03-11 08:20:00
From:   anonymous2

I am very impressed by the article and you have given me valuable viewpoints that i had over looked in terms of the implications of p2p file transfers on industry. I agree with your view that software such as Kazaa acts as a new age middleman for distributing and marketing but feel that this type of software does pend a big problem on music and film industries.
I for one have been using Kazaa and like for over 2 years and have never brought a CD, DVD or book since. The loyalist or Nostalgic segments of many markets are a very small percentage and with the addition of new devices that support these downloads such as mp3 players customers are less concerned with the traditional hard copies.
Personal computers are more and more becoming as essential as the mobile phones and are a key tool in more and more peoples lives. They can store 1000's of file of music books making accessibility and storage of software much more attractive than other methods. Thats one major reason why peer to peer transfers are so strong. Not only because they are free, but because they are compatible with media players on computers. Computers are huge media devices for watching films and listening to music. They combine a tv, video and hi fi into one. So why would i want to have to save a cd on to my hard drive when i could save time just downloading the songs to the needed file type (mp3, wma). It is about conveniance and compatibility and storage.
If Industries are going to save them selves from further revenue loss, they must stop complaining about copyright infringment and start to look at ways to compete, a point that you clearly stated.

In conclusion i would like to say that i am doing my final year University project on this topic and this article has been a breath of fresh air from the tons are articles i have already looked at in this area.

Thank you

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