Weblog:   The Growing Politicization of Open Source
Subject:   Peru Bill NOT a mandate for "the WAY"!
Date:   2003-03-12 06:03:15
From:   anonymous2
Your article and point of view are centric to the view that government legislation is keyed towards 'Open Source'. That is NOT true!

When we read the bills for Peru, Oregon, R.I., we find that they direct that any product offered to a government must be complete and come with the tools for the government to be able to continue to use it, repair it, or while contracting openly for upgrades.

There is still the opportunity for closed source systems (Microsoft, Oracle, SCO) to control access to their code through NDA's. They simply do NOT get thegovernment as a monopoly in perpetuity! An example is that Microsoft has disclosed their code to Germany, and promises to give it up to China, in order to compete with other vendors who offer Open Source code.