Securing Your TiBook (or Any Other Mac OS X Machine)
Subject:   setting "full" is not secure...
Date:   2003-03-12 20:38:05
From:   anonymous2
Response to: setting "full" is not secure...

Zapping PRAM does not erase the password EXCEPT after you change the amount of physical memory (think 2 minutes maximum to access, and either remove or add RAM), and then only if you zap it twice in a row.

Note this is always the quandary with security. Make the how-to's available and risk informing the bad guys. But there are more good guys than bad guys (and be sure the real baddies are informed already!), and a false sense of security might actually make you more inclined to expose sensitive data. Good security is a habit. DO use the open firmware password, but DO NOT expect it to slow data access for more than a few minutes. For additional powerbook security keep sensitive material encrypted on an external firewire drive (or other persistent external media) and carry it on your person at all times. For even more security, never use that sensitive info on a computer that is EVER connected to a network, period.