Introduction to Managed C++
Subject:   how to call a C# function in MC++
Date:   2003-03-13 07:10:50
From:   anonymous2
Hi Sam,

Thanks for your article. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge about MC++ with us. After reading this first artile in the series, I still have a question in mind. Let's say I have an existing unmanaged C++ program (originally written in Visual C++ 6.0) and now I have a C# GUI for this program. I want the C++ code to simply call a function in the C# GUI to start the entire interface. I did realize that the unmanaged C++ is NOT going to be able to "talk" to C# directly unless I port the unmanaged version to a MC++. Or the other alternative is to port the unmanaged C++ to a COM (which from what I heard, is a royal pain!) So, my question is, how do I make the MC++ code I will generate call a function (say SomeFunc()) in C#?

Thank you so much for your help!

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    • how to call a C# function in MC++
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