Stein Gives Bioinformatics Ten Years to Live
Subject:   Bzzz! Wrong....
Date:   2003-03-13 21:46:57
From:   anonymous2
OK, in part a critique of the article and in part a critique of some of the quotes attributed to Stein...

1. It's "Ernst Mayr" not "Ernest Mayer." If you're going to talk about one of the "big names" in the Darwinian synthesis at least get the frickin' names right.

2. Mayr spent many years working in the Pacific (Papua New Guinea being one of his major field sites) studying birds. In no way is it justifiable to say that he sat "in his office and look at other people's data and develop theories of selection." This is utter bullshit, and reveals the sort of fallacies that get propagated when people don't know the field. Please read the literature before you spout off....

3. Otherwise I agree with Stein's point about bioinformatics simply being absorbed into "biology". This is true of many of the "hot" tools of today, like microarrays. 20 years on, nobody feels the need to explain how PCR works...

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