Stein Gives Bioinformatics Ten Years to Live
Subject:   Bzzzt! Wrong...
Date:   2003-03-14 04:16:15
From:   dsteinberg
Response to: Bzzzt! Wrong...

Dear Anonymous poster,

I apologize for the first point. That is my mistake and not the speaker's. I am not a biologist and, although I ran the article by several scientists before publishing, the mistake is mine. The hostility in your anonymous is understandable.

The second point is the speaker's and I'm not sure that you and he disagree. Whether or not Mayr spent many years in the field, the speakers point was that much of his contribution was due to his analysis of data collected by others. He was making a positive point about Mayr and pointing out that biology is not limited to the laboratory or field collection of data. Mayr doesn't have to be out in the field during his 90's to continue to contribute to his field.