Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   sendmail localhost 'not qualified' error with aliaes
Date:   2003-03-14 20:18:29
From:   anonymous2
hopefully i can get a solution:
thanx in advance

i've tried EVERYTHING i've found on multiple sites to get sendmail to werk: but errors crop up at different times all the time.
i can send and receive locally, send to a remote site, but cannot receive any mail from a remote server at all
I get this error when i compile the ALIASES file with the 'sudo newaliases' command:

[localhost:/etc/mail] gilgalad% sudo newaliases
WARNING: local host name (localhost) is not qualified; fix $j in config file
/etc/mail/aliases: 5 aliases, longest 8 bytes, 76 bytes total

i've re-installed macos x 10.2.4 a total of 6 times in the last three weeks, trying to get apache functioning (which is easy) WITH sendmail, uw-imap and hopefully squirrelmail for webmail

i had sendmail working great two weeks ago, but apache choked bad...
they dont seem to function properly: why?
because there is WAY too many 'hint' and 'install steps' pages online that are each and every one DIFFERENT.

nothing works TOGETHER at all and i if this seems blurry, its because i'm weeping in rage and frustration on the keyboard...

thanx in advance