Configuring sendmail on Jaguar
Subject:   what are the and the files?
Date:   2003-03-16 13:07:33
From:   macmartin
I do not only want to get this running but also want to understand the sendmail program and the mail-server itself deeply (as the whole Unix/Mac OS X thing).

So who can me tell what the and the files are and what they are used for?
Are they something like a backup of a configuration?

There´s another similar question on the emacs editor, which I often use to edit configuration files:

I happened to notice files like "filename.suf~" in the same directory as "filename.suf".

These I guess are backup-files of the last version of the file.
Are they ?

Can this be configured in emacs?
For example not to create these name~ backup files?
to create backups for the last three or any number of versions?

Any help would be appreciated.
Excuse me if my English is not so good - I hope it can be understood.

macmartin - Nuernberg - Germany

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  1. what are the and the files?
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