Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 2
Subject:   mails from the periodic scripts sometimes from root and sometimes from user ?
Date:   2003-03-16 13:19:50
From:   macmartin
why is there a difference in the "from" entry when I get mail from the periodic scripts (daily, weekly, monthly).

when the script is run by cron the "from" is "root@g4x.local"

when the script is run with the sudo periodic daily command the "from" ist "martin@g4x.local"

why is this - isnīt in the script defined, that the scipt is run by th users root (no matter if the script is started by con or manually ?

Thanks for the information -
Iīd really like to unserstand this

Any help would be appreciated.
Excuse me if my English is not so good - I hope it can be understood.

macmartin - Nuernberg - Germany