Mac OS X Innovators Contest Ready for Primetime
Subject:   anonymous replies (and US only limitation)
Date:   2003-03-16 14:47:59
From:   anonymous2
I don't have an account here, and I think that means that I can't reply to other people's comments. I think that's kinda stoopid for a message board.

Anyways, I wanted to voice my annoyance for the US residents only rule. I would also like to know what legal issue is the problem. Like someone said, the Apple Design Awards (a very similar contest) is open to entries from a ton of different countries.

If Apple can deal with the legal issues why can't O'Reilly? Can you not at least tell us what the problem is? 'Some random unspoken legal issue' is not very convincing.

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  1. anonymous replies - now possible
    2003-03-28 09:06:54  sarahkim [View]

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