From Exile to X11: A Journey Through Time
Subject:   Display PostScript - Sorely missed NeXT technology
Date:   2003-03-17 10:57:20
From:   anonymous2
X Windows is great, if you've got X Windows software, but the fact is, native OS X applications are where it's at for most of us. With NeXTstep (which used a technology called Display PostScript, or DPS) rather than Quartz, you could run NeXT software remotely as well. Essentially just like running X Windows software.

Wouldn't it be cool to have a network with a server farm of application hosts and a bunch of diskless Macs? Need Word or Excel, just run it on the server and export the display to the client.

I use Linux servers frequently and love that I can use the GUI tools via X11 on OS X. But this would actually be a bit harder on OS X. Especially if the server is running OS X server (since the tools would only exist on the server). I REALLY miss this about NeXTstep. Now we're stuck with VNC or equivalent tools. Useful, but not as cool.