Simple Things to Improve Your System's Security
Subject:   some comments
Date:   2003-03-17 11:10:55
From:   anonymous2
- why not use root login ?
"somebody might get access with your rootpassword
so .. what?
.. if they can read my ssh-session
they will get my su - password too
ok .. say: "use sudo!" .. yes so what?
.. an attacker gets the same rights
that the user has
so basicly:
-check the fingerprint of the server
that you are connecting to
-use private keys to authenticate
passwords are local on the machine
that you are logging in from
(they are used to unlock your private key)
if you don't trust that machine->
do not login from there!
-you can even have several users with uid 0
each with there own ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
you can do accounting this way too!

with regard to your perl-scripts
-what the f... are they for?
use mtree!
if you do not want to check certain files
-> expand its exclude list
it manages all kinds of stuff for you
(creation of directories, flags/permissions/ownerships ..)


Christian Bahls
[if you want to contact me:
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