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  From Exile to X11: A Journey Through Time
Subject:   Command line is no closer than GUI
Date:   2003-03-17 12:55:47
From:   anonymous2
Interestingly, many people think of Terminal as "an application that lets you type commands." In a way, this is true, but it's useful to think of Terminal as a window into the true operating system itself.

Actually this couldn't be more false. Neither
the GUI or the command line is closer to the true operating system.

I have been using Unix systems for >10years now, and it is only in the last 2-3 years that I came to realize that.

A shell is no closer to the system/kernel than an X11/Cocoa/Carbon/... application is.

A failure to understand that shows a lack of understanding of how unix systems are structured.


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  1. Command line is no closer than GUI---hear, hear!
    2003-03-17 16:23:24  halliday [View]

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