Hands on X11
Subject:   Cannot Find Command
Date:   2003-03-19 11:25:19
From:   anonymous2
I am geting a "cannot find command" error when I try to run an x11 app over a server. I have an iBook and an iMac in the same house on the same router. They can ssh to each other just fine. When I try to run xclock, xeyes, or any other X11 command I receive the "cannot find command". I tried to set a path to /usr/X11R6/bin/ but it did not work. When I check the host computer (iBook) the $PATH variable does show /usr/X11R6/bin as a path. However, when I tunnel in through ssh on the iMac /usr/X11R6/bin/ is not listed in the path variable. Solutions?

I can run the command doing the full path of: