U.S. Only? We Want to Change That
Subject:   48 states
Date:   2003-03-21 19:05:01
From:   anonymous2
You might want to point out to your attorney that your current wording already has problems.

There are 49 continental states, not 48. Alaska is definitely in North America. (If you wish to exclude Alaska, you should say 48 contiguous states.)

While Florida tends to have some pretty onerous laws for contests, I'm not sure why you are excluding residents of Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia. They are all pretty benign jurisdictions as far as contest rules go. (New York is much more stringent.)

Also, excluding a jurisdiction can also get you into hot water. As of a few years ago, Hawaii had purchasing restrictions where state funds cannot be used to purchase from a company that discriminates against Hawaii residents. Since the preschool, K-12, community college, and public university school systems are all run directly by the state, you have a lot of folks that can no longer legally purchase your products with employer funds. [And it should be noted that you are responsible for policing this--it isn't the responsibility of the individuals doing the purchasing.]