It's a Cycle of Life Thing: Managing Linux Releases
Subject:   Breaking dependencies
Date:   2003-03-25 01:31:48
From:   anonymous2
The original idea behind Unix-tools was to be
small and stupid, only together the tools formed
advanced functionality.
The distributors work to provide coherence and
see it as their product to maintain dependencies.
That could be a key factor to find a solution
on the "must update" problem.

The older X11-GUI continues this tradition.
The KDE/Gnome are monolithic mastodonts, except
that you can actually run some of the modules
single without windowsmanager and desktop. E.g.
Open Office, big in itself, works nice in the
heterogeneos environments - if you get it directly
from, that is.

RedHat has much flexibility in RHN-services, but
of course you must invest some time there if you
do not want to do up2date everything.

Donald Axel, systems consultant.