Camino and Safari Compared
Subject:   Safari: Jaguar-challenged need not apply
Date:   2003-03-26 12:22:46
From:   anonymous2
I would love to try Safari, but it is the *ONLY* browser that requires 10.2 to run, so I am out of luck. Safari does not exist for me. (And at this point, I'm strongly considering waiting for Panther, and not even bothering with Jaguar.)

I mostly use Chimera, due to the tabbed browsing.

I love iCab for its Download Manager, and myriad preferences. Its lack of CSS support is damning, but I'm still surprised more people don't use it. The things it does do, it does brilliantly, and far better than any other browser. I don't think people appreciate the incredible range of download options it provides. Play around with it; you'll be amazed.

And of course, when I want to see pretty text, I still fire up OmniWeb once in a while.