Finding Help on IRC
Subject:   Too much chatter and inappropriate content
Date:   2003-03-27 20:07:42
From:   anonymous2
I've spent quite a bit of time on #freebsdhelp over the last week as a result of my first experience with installing FreeBSD. I was able to get help on a handful of occasions which was greatly appreciated. However I have to say I think that there are too many people on there that don't appreciate how their constant chit-chat ruins the chance for frustrated and distraught beginners to get the help they desperately need. At times there has been so much chattering going on that I have barely had time to see my own pleas for help appear on the screen before it scrolls uselessly off the top where I doubt anyone who wasn't vigilantly watching for questions is going to find it. Even if they do the high amount of traffic can make responses difficult to spot and of course makes an ongoing exchange of info all but impossible at times. There's also the inappropriate material that would be more suited to other 'socially' oriented channels. I would strongly urge the channel owners and ops to do whatever they feel they can to stem the off-topic behaviour on this channel so that it's full potential can be realised as I feel that it can be a very valuable resource.