Installing Tomcat on Mac OS X
Subject:   OSX 10.2 install
Date:   2003-03-27 21:30:34
From:   anonymous2
instructions worked well (with minor diff's) for 10.2...

couple of Q's tho (new to UNIX):
installation indicated that I should either:

copy files in /Library/Tomcat/jwsdp-1_1/jaxp-1.2.2/lib/endorsed
set the java.endorsed.dirs system property to

if I want to do the later, I'm assuming that I'm just using the set command in terminal in the following manner:

set java.endorsed.dirs=/Library/Tomcat/jwsdp-1_1/jaxp-1.2.2/lib/endorsed

anyone know if that would be right?!!

2nd Q:
creating a startupitems tomcat folder for the scripts not possible cause I think permissions are not allowing 9new folder not active in finder for startupitems...
I'm assuming that all I need to do is change this with chmod command and add folder...??

thanks much

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