Camino and Safari Compared
Subject:   Camino vs Safari
Date:   2003-03-28 04:44:16
From:   anonymous2
A few comments. (1) Personally, I haven't noticed any edge in speed with Safari. With many of the sites I visit, Camino is noticeably faster. I use DSL, so Safari could be faster if one uses a dialup connection. (2) I can't see the article while I'm entering this, but <command>clicking the dock doesn't allow one to chose a bookmark folder to open from the dock. It shows Camino in the Finder. (3) One must <ctrl>click a folder in the sidebar then use <command>I to set Camino to open all bookmarks in that folder in different tabs.

I think I noticed other errors in the article, but I can't recall them at this point. Being a glib writer doesn't mean you shouldn't review (or have someone else review) your article for accuracy!