Inside Samba: Windows Sharing for the Mac
Subject:   chdir failed
Date:   2003-03-30 07:39:52
From:   anonymous2
After following the directions, I tried to run SWAT, but got the following error:

400 Server Error
chdir failed - the server is not configured correctly

I see this error reported a couple of places on the internet, but no obvious fixes.

By the way, xinetd was not running on my system (10.2,4), so I had to start it. The man page on swat mentions inetd??

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  1. Jason Deraleau photo chdir failed
    2003-05-23 11:10:13  Jason Deraleau | O'Reilly Author [View]

  2. it works... :-)
    2003-05-21 02:11:12  anonymous2 [View]

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