Camino and Safari Compared
Subject:   The one thing I like about Explorer
Date:   2003-03-31 14:33:06
From:   anonymous2
Since the first time I used Chimera, Explorer has become an emergency-only application for me. It is laughable how slow Microsoft managed to make it. They must have really worked hard at that.

That said, there is one feature of Explorer I sorely miss. If you start typing an address in the addressbar in IE, it auto-completes it. Nothing particularly special there. But the way IE implements this has three awesome advantages:

1. It matches on any part of the address, so you can type "2003" and match on this article.

2. It matches on any part of the TITLE of the document. So you could type "Camino" and it would match on this article. (Note that IE doesn't let you rename your bookmarks on the fly, which would be really handy with this feature.)

3. It matches on both History and Bookmarks. So you can find any page you've been to recently or any page you've ever bookmarked by just starting to type.

Mix these features together, and you have a VERY powerful combination. You can say, "Gee, last week I was browsing something about camino." Type "Camino" in your addressbar, and there it is. Or type "macdev" or whatever. Or if you think you might want to return to a page ever, just bookmark it, and you can always easily find it.

One other thing... in IE, performing searches on your bookmarks is much better than Camino or Safari.

That said, I still laugh when I think of the stone age days of using Explorer. Friggin' Microsoft!