A Developer's Perspective on Apple's 12-inch PowerBook
Subject:   If I had it to do over...
Date:   2003-03-31 15:09:11
From:   anonymous2
Response to: If I had it to do over...

Agreed. I think in a few months I'll buy a 15 or 17 and give this one to my mom. The lack of responsiveness is *really* driving me nuts.

I'd try and take it back and exchange for a 15 now, but I'm sure there's a 30 day exchange policy (if that long). My 30 days will be up in a week and I'm stuck in Chicago for two weeks (my box and stuff is at home). Oh well. :(

I'd ship it to a family member, but then I'd be without a computer. I don't think my client would appreciate that. ;)