A Developer's Perspective on Apple's 12-inch PowerBook
Subject:   USB 2
Date:   2003-04-01 15:15:47
From:   anonymous2
Response to: USB 2

UBS 2 would only be redundant if every device that could take advantage of the speed boost also supported Firewire. However, that is simply not the case.

Many UBS 1.1 devices are starting to support USB 2 or will support it as the only protocol in the near future. Most digital cameras fall into this category. Not supporting USB 2 as a "digital hub" is ridiculous.

Feel free to talk about the advantages of Firewire while transferring your 5MP photos over USB 1.1. I'll instead take the speed boost!

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  1. USB 2
    2003-04-02 13:25:56  dwightk [View]

    • USB 2 actually is available for power macs
      2003-04-03 09:21:34  anonymous2 [View]

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