The Sharp Zaurus -- A Lovely Little Computer
Subject:   About sharp zaurus SL-5500
Date:   2003-04-02 06:13:55
From:   anonymous2
We sell many GPS products in Sweden.
We sell Holux Differents products .

We needed a pocket PC with CF cards slot and
when we read so many article about Sharp zaurus SL-5500 our head turned and we ordered one.

read our problem below:
I just bought sharp zaurus sl-5500
because it has CF acrds slote and
we sell GPS products in Sweden.
We are selling Holux GM270 gps reciever with CF card for pocket PAD

I tryed all I can but it seams that it is impossible to transfer
GPS software and GPS map software to sharp zaurus SL-5500

The GPS software format is: .exe
The GPS MAP format of : .fdp and compatible with windows CE 3.0 or later

Can you advice me what to do.
Your promt answer is very appreciated



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