Inside Samba: Windows Sharing for the Mac
Subject:   Windows and Linux printing
Date:   2003-04-03 01:43:05
From:   anonymous2
well this article got my print sharing to work on os x. thanks... The print sharing didn't start working until I installed GIMP-Print

I was able to get my windows 2000 box to print to the os x printer but only with the Generic text print driver. I'd like to get color prints from the windows box. My printer is a Epson Color Stylus 740 - so I tried installing this driver on the Windows machine - but Windows would no longer recognize the printer after doing this. Does anyone know of a way to get the 740 to print color from the win 2000 box.

Plus I was able to print to the 740 from my linux box - but only from the Konqueror browser. I want to be able to print from Mozilla. I found some info on setting the print command (in the Print setup dialog box) in Mozilla to lpr - P Stylus with Stylus being the name of the printer on my network -- but this didn't work. Does anyone have suggestions on what I might try?