Digital Still Cameras for QuickTime Movies, Part Two
Subject:   nixing audio pops & other tips
Date:   2003-04-03 18:35:31
From:   davidcc
Great Stuff! My Fuji Finepix digistill shoots 20 second clips@10fps. When putting clips together in VideoImpression 1.06 that came with camera, the "seams" between clips made audible pops on the added soundtrack (like iMovie, VI gives you 2 audio tracks for adding sound + transitions & effects) when saved in QT or DV formatt.
The solution is to turn off computer sound with soundkey or control panel & save video only component. Then put that file into QT 5 or 6 to add audio tracks & Save. "add scaled" is a neat feature of QT6 Pro-stretches your audio if need be to fit video! I grab sound with any minicassette recorder & play it into the built-in iMac mic with Audacity(freeware sound editor) open.

I think video from camera clips is very hot. I just movied an Equinox dance celebration. The ambient light was low so avi clips were black until "washed" with brightness/contrast option found in VI's save as QT movie dialogue. The result was a romantic northern europe painterly effect that went well wiith the content. It is stitched together with cross-fades and live sound added in from a microcassette and titles/credits built in VI editer, then saved as with sound off & sent to QT6 Pro for adding audio. (VI has audio tracks, too but each time tracks are added the whole video gets processed again & degrades. QT seems to just tack audio on at Save.)Hope these tips help someone.