Daddy, Are We There Yet? A Discussion with Alan Kay
Subject:   Interesting... but how?
Date:   2003-04-04 13:15:46
From:   Corvus
The goal of the Viewpoints Institute, "to help make major positive changes in how children are educated all over the world", is very interesting and laudable, but I don't see exactly how a computer programming language can do that.

Cartainly, one can write computer programs to solve science or engineering problems, but is this learning science and engineering, or computer programming?

Now, I have nothing against learning computer programming, but if a problem with science education is that it is "... primarily about memorization", then how is typing a bunch of formulas into a computer any better than memorizing them? In either case, the student has no direct personal experience with the principles involved.

Nor am I very enthusiastic about conducting experiments or research on a computer. Simply seeing something happen on a computer is no evidence things really work that way.

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